Youth ReCreation

Youth reaching for hand of statue of JesusReCreation binds our community together. Through diocesan, convocational, and intergenerational events we become more aware of our call to be one Church, one people united and made whole through faith.

Spring break adventure to include Cathedral Urban Service Experience

This year, our spring break trip for youth will stay local for a weekend of fun that incorporates volunteering, adventure, community, and a bit of mystery.

On March 11–13, we will partner with the Cathedral Urban Service Experience program, which provides groups of students with opportunities to serve persons who are being denied justice, peace and dignity by their community. We will volunteer with different nonprofit organizations in the Houston area during the day, and at night, we’ll go out into the city for fun and adventure.

The total cost for the trip is $175, which covers food, van rentals, lodging, activities, and a T-shirt. As with all youth events, friends are explicitly welcome to join our group. If you need financial assistance or have questions about the program, contact Jeremy Bradley (713-217-1349).

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