Pastoral Care

For emergency after-hours pastoral care, call 713-826-5332

Detail from the tabernacle in the Golding Chapel depicting a pelican and its young.

Detail from the tabernacle in the Golding Chapel depicting a pelican and its young. In the Christian tradition the pelican symbolizes atonement and is often found in murals, frescoes, paintings and stained glass. The pelican was believed to wound itself in order to feed its young with its own blood and hence the connection to the Redeemer.

Exploring the many personal and spiritual growth opportunities at the Cathedral can be easily accomplished under the umbrella of Pastoral Care. There are many ways you can serve God, your church and your neighbors through the pastoral care groups at Christ Church Cathedral.

The ministries at Christ Church Cathedral function through councils or groups and the Pastoral Care Council is the coordinating center. The groups provide compassionate and confidential emotional and spiritual support to the Cathedral community, as we strive to experience and share the peace of God with others. As the core body around which these ministries function, the Pastoral Care Council offers the Tulip Reception once a year to honor Cathedral Members who have given of their time, talent and ministry over the years. We also participate in Summer Place, serve as May Fete and Rally Day volunteers, and sponsor the annual Blessing of the Animals service.

Our Pastoral Care Council invites you to reach out to others while developing that quiet, inner space within that is hospitable and welcoming. You do not need to be an expert theologian to provide pastoral care, you simply must have the capacity to give and receive love. If your sense of vocation is to actively participate in a pastoral care group, but your time is limited, our ministry offers you the flexibility of short-term assignments. This will provide you with the joy of serving God’s people based upon your schedule or availability.

We invite you to share in caring for the people of God through the pastoral groups at Christ Church Cathedral. We pray that as you as discern your gifts of service, you will remember our service to others is the greatest form of charity and the pure love of Christ. In serving others, we serve God.

May the grace of Jesus Christ be with you always,
The Reverend Canon Glenice Robinson-Como

Pastoral Care Opportunities

Card Ministry

The Pastoral Care Council sends cards to members who are home-bound and to those on the Sunday prayer list. This act of encouragement provides support and serves as a reminder to those who receive them that they are still connected to the Cathedral community. The cards are signed, “From Your Cathedral Family.”

I was sick and you cared for me

Daughters of the King

The Daughters of the King is a lay women’s order which is open to all women in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. Each daughter has made the commitment to serve God and wear crosses as an outward and visible sign that they cannot live a day without Christ in their lives. They are a community of nurturing women, accepting all people, bridging differences and cherishing traditions. There are currently 81 DOK chapters in the Diocese of Texas, with 2100 members and more than 16,000 worldwide. Daughters of the King receive prayer requests weekly from the Cathedral community and are prayed over daily.

I was hungry and you and you fed me

Flower Ministry

Make someone’s heart smile! This ministry only requires a once-a-month commitment to deliver the magnificent flowers that adorn the Cathedral. The altar flowers are usually available for pick-up at the conclusion of the one o’clock service, for delivery to one of our sick or shut-in members. This act of hospitality means so much to those who are unable to attend services and allows them to still feel connected to the Cathedral.

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink

Two women tending to a third in a hospital

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs)

Lay Eucharistic Visitors are licensed by the Diocese of Texas to distribute previously blessed elements of Holy Communion to persons unable to attend regular worship services. LEVs represent the church to the homebound and serve as a reminder that they are an integral part of the Body of Christ. This provides a sense of connection to those who might otherwise feel isolated. This ministry of “presence,” is a blessing to the person who is visited and to the Lay Eucharistic Visitor, as well.

I was sick and you cared for me

Lay Pastoral Visitors (LPVs)

In our baptismal covenant we commit ourselves to: “proclaim by word and example the good news of God in Christ” and “to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor, as ourself.” Lay pastoral visiting provides the opportunity to put this promise into action. Visitors reach out to those members who are not able to attend regular services, and through this contact, their faith is nurtured. Members provide support to shuts-ins by regular telephone calls and visits.

I was a stranger and you invited me in

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Shawls… made for centuries, universal and embracing, symbolic of an inclusive, unconditionally loving God. They wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify. Those who have received shawls have been uplifted and affirmed, as if given wings to fly above their troubles…

Janet Bristow

This “closely knit” group, meets in various homes and at the church to knit and crochet shawls for distribution by clergy and other pastoral care ministries. The finished shawls are blessed in the Cathedral and are given for spiritual and physical comfort.

I was naked and you gave me clothing

For more information on any of these ministries or if you would like to receive pastoral care support for yourself or a loved one, please call or email the Rev. Canon Glenice Robinson-Como (713-590-3319).

Cathedral Columbarium

If you are interested in purchasing a niche in the Cathedral Columbarium (located next to Reynolds Hall near the Jones Building), please contact David Simpson (713-590-3308). Certain restrictions apply regarding eligibility and availability.