Christ Church Cathedral is an open and a loving community of faith where we welcome all, members and non-members alike, to worship and participate in the life of the church. Membership, however, is the intentional way for parishioners who consider the Cathedral their church home to strengthen their sense of belonging and personal connection with the church.

How to become a member

The only requirements for becoming a member at Christ Church Cathedral are that: (1) you are baptized, and (2) you have indicated your intention to become a member by completing and returning the Membership Information Form.

If you are not yet baptized or uncertain if you are baptized

Holy Baptism is the sacrament through which God adopts us as his children and makes us members of Christ’s Body, the Church, and inheritors of the kingdom of God. We baptize people of all ages — infants to adults — and would consider it a blessing to guide you through the baptism process. For more information, contact Louise Langford (713-590-3305).

Transfer your membership

All we need to record your membership is (1) your baptism information including baptism date and the city, state and name of the church in which you were baptized, and (2) your completed Membership Information Form. If you are uncertain of your baptism date, as previously not all churches kept such records as they do today, provide us with the best information you have. For more information, contact Ramona Sikes (713-590-3347).

Become an Episcopalian

We encourage you to explore being either confirmed or received in the Episcopal Church. Christ Church Cathedral offers a Sunday-evening educational series, “The Anglican Way,” open to any adult interested in joining the Episcopal Church or to anyone wanting a great refresher course about the church. The class is free and covers a number of topics including the prayer book, the sacraments, church music, church history, outreach and other points of interest. For more information, contact Genevieve Razim (713-590-3366).

There is a separate confirmation process for youth. For confirmation of youth, contact Jeremy Bradley (713-217-1349).

We’re glad you’re here!

We welcome your presence as part of our active and inviting community of faith. If you have questions about membership or want to learn more about Christ Church Cathedral, contact Genevieve Razim (713-220-9766).