Lectors and Worship Leaders


In services a Lector reads that day’s selection from the Scriptures to the congregation. Obviously the real prerequisite for a Lector is to be able to read well in public. Usually the Lectors do not wear any type of Vestments, and simply come out of the Congregation to read at the Lectern during services. Lectors serve under the direction of the Head of Lay Liturgical Ministries, who is responsible for their training and scheduling. Contact Canon Vicar Art Callaham or the Head Liturgical Lay Minister about how to serve as a Lector.

Worship Leaders

A Worship Leader is nominated by the rector of a parish and licensed by the Bishop of the Diocese, to lead those Prayer Book services that do not require the presence of a priest or a deacon. Worship Leaders conduct the daily services of Morning and Evening Prayer, and assist leading Prayers of the People in Sunday and other principal celebrations of the Eucharist.  Contact Canon Vicar Art Callaham or the  Head Liturgical Lay Minister with questions about becoming a Worship Leader.