Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are specially licensed by the Bishop of our Diocese to assist in distributing Holy Communion during the Eucharist, usually administering the communion Chalice. Licensed Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs for short) are trained to handle the Blessed Sacrament with reverence and care, are vested like Acolytes in a white Alb, and scheduled to help in Sunday and Holy Day services, and pastoral services like weddings or burials that will celebrate the Eucharist as part of the service.

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors are licensed by the Bishop to carry the Sacrament to shut-ins after the conclusion of Sunday services, so that they can receive Holy Communion on the Lord’s Day. They of course do not preside as a priest does for the celebration of the Eucharist; they simply carry the consecrated Communion Host and Wine from the altar to the homes or hospital rooms of those to be communicated that day. Visitors normally are chosen by the Canon Pastor, since they should be skilled pastoral visitors as well as reverent ministers of the Liturgy. To be considered for appointment as a Visitor consult Rev. Glenice Robinson-Como at 713-590-3319 or