Kids4Peace Houston

Kids4Peace Houston, in partnership with Jerusalem Peacebuilders, brings young people together for a truly life-changing opportunity to meet children of other faiths and cultures. The second year Continuation Camp is held at Camp Allen and in downtown Houston. Camp is open to incoming seventh graders who have an interest in exploring their own faith and learning about the faiths of others. Jewish, Muslim and Christian youth from the U.S. and Jerusalem come together to experience one another in a unique setting. To learn more, visit

First-year camp for incoming sixth graders — 11 & 12-year-olds (held in Boston)

The goals for the first year camp are to foster self awareness and self esteem through the sharing of experiences and beliefs. Campers learn about respect and compassion through team-building activities and exercises in active listening.

Self awareness — Where do I come from (family, city)?  What do I believe about God? What do I believe about right and wrong?

Self esteem — How do I treat myself? How do I treat others?

Respect — listening to others

Compassion — accepting others’ feelings and experiences (even if we can’t share those feelings and experiences)

  • Program time daily focusing on of these themes.
  • Daily sharing sacred objects, individual storytelling
  • Daily art = creation time
  • Group journal & group storytelling
Campers with Kids4Peace at Camp Allen in Navasota

Second-year camp for incoming seventh graders — 12 & 13-year-olds (at Camp Allen)

Goals for the second year camp include fostering self-confidence and trust, with a focus on integrity, honesty and respect others.

Respect — How to be an active listener

Integrity/ honesty — sharing real experiences

Self confidence — speaking out, sharing your point of view

Trust — understanding others’ feelings and experiences and finding common ground

  • Program time daily focusing on of these themes.
  • Family photos, individual storytelling
  • Daily art = creation time
  • Journaling

Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp is held Acres Farm in Vermont. For more information, visit