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Simple Systematics

12.27.17 | Adult Formation | by The Reverend Arthur A. Callaham

Simple Systematics

    Anyone who has taken one of Canon Vicar Art Callaham's road show classes will be familiar with his frequent musing on the life of faith being about both "what we do — and what we think we're doing."

    Whether in service, prayer, reading, or study, finding meaning in the life of faith is both about action and reflection on the action.

    What happens, though, when the action IS reflection? Or, rather, what happens when we begin not just to think about God, but to think about how we think about God? We enter the realm of theology, and things get complicated quickly.

    Join Canon Callaham this spring at sites around the city for a thoroughly theological experience in his new Vicar’s Roadshow class entitled, “Simple Systematics.”

    The intention of his Simple Systematics course is not simply to throw
    you into the complicated end of the pool. Rather, as the title of the course suggests, the aim of the five sessions will be to build a simple framework, or system, with which myriad thoughts about God can be structured for reflection, digestion, and understanding.

    The course will begin with an exploration of theories of God: "who," or better, "what" is God and how can we best understand the divine nature. Next, we'll look at people, the other part of the relationship of faith. We'll also spend part of the second section looking at the "people problem," sin, its causes, and what, if anything, God intends to do about it. The March session will focus on Jesus and the role he plays in the God-people economy of sin and salvation. This portion of the study will also highlight the unique nature of Christian theology apart from other world traditions. April will bring a look at the Bible and the Church. And, finally, we'll wrap up the study with a look at the Holy Spirit and what, if anything, we have to look forward to in the future.

    No particular background in theology is required to participate in this course. Simply having the willingness to reflect on your thinking about God will be sufficient, and perhaps, even delightful.

    Click here to find the class location that suits you, and the dates on which it meets.