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Cathedral Restoration Project - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is the first set of frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have a question, email it to


Q: Who is responsible for the restoration activity?

A: W.S. Bellows, a Houston-based construction company in business for over 100 years and with a phenomenal safety record, is the general contractor.  Bob Brooks is the project manager and owner’s representative. Both groups were selected by the Building Committee chaired by Guy Hagstette.  The cathedral staff member coordinating with Bellows, Bob, and Guy is David Simpson, our COO.

Q: Will Golding chapel be open for Morning Prayer, Noon Eucharist and Evening Prayer during the week?

A: Yes. But there will be a two-week period (July 13-26) when we will need to close Golding in order to work on some plaster, air conditioning vents, and install a sprinkler system. 

Q: What will be going in the Bishop’s Garden and Logan’s Garden?

A: Starting in June the Bishop’s Garden and Logan’s Garden will be integrated into the construction site and used for storage and scaffolding. The drainage systems we be replaced. In late October, the gardens will be landscaped with new plantings, lighting, and an Umlauft sculpture of Christ. Unfortunately, the magnolia tree in Logan’s garden will be removed due to it’s impact on the church structure. Cuttings have been taken.

Q: The cathedral interior will be ready on Rally Day, but what about the exterior?

A: That will take several more months – cleaning and repointing 125 year old brick is a painstaking process.  We will definitely be finished by Advent, and hopefully even sooner.

Q: When will the sacristy and vesting areas be finished?

A: Also a painstaking process as both areas will be completely demolished and rebuilt. These areas are currently scheduled to be ready for Advent, but we are striving tio have the sacristy completed sooner.

Q: How will the Altar Guild function?

A: The Altar Guild will be using the sacristy in the Chapel of the Christ Child. This will be for weekday services and Sundays, both in Reynolds Hall and in the cathedral after Rally Day. Accordingly, the Guild will be working under difficult conditions.  Thank them whenever you can!

Q: What about the church bells?

A: The bells will be silent until Advent.

Q: Will the playground be available?

A: Yes. There will be a wood fence protecting the children from the scaffolding and other workspaces that will be necessary on the rear of the cathedral.

Q: Will the infamous crack in the exterior wall of Latham at the entrance to the cloister on San Jacinto ever be fixed?

A: Yes.

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