Cathedral Life

Our Cathedral, like the Cathedrals of old, functions as a center of lively activity in a large city. People come from far and near to dine, hear music, shop, serve, or visit the Diocesan Center. But Christ Church is also home to a family of worshipers who seek God and share his work. We enjoy each other’s company and, together, grow in faith. We are on a journey and invite you to join us.

Pastoral Care

The community of Christ Church Cathedral is committed to organizing and providing compassionate and confidential emotional and spiritual support to all members of our community during all phases of life. We invite you to experience and share the peace of God in and through this place and the community found here. Learn more »


We welcome children of all ages to be part of the worshiping community, and many families have their children in church from a very early age. Learn more »


Cathedral Youth Ministries Mission Statement: The purpose of Cathedral Youth Ministries is to encourage spiritual growth by sharing the love of Christ in community. Learn more »

20s & 30s

Here at the Cathedral young adults from around Houston take a break from their usual weekday routines to gather and talk about their lives and faith, to pray together and learn something new about God and themselves. Learn more »

Adult Formation

During the year there are classes and programs for all ages, seeking to satisfy, inform and delight people of all backgrounds. Sunday School for children and adults is of central focus, offering people weekly opportunities to learn about God and our faith. Learn more »


The Cathedral provides lots of opportunities for people to gather for fellowship, supporting one another and nurturing friendships. Learn more »


Since 1999, the faithful have gathered every Sunday to worship in Spanish at 1:00 p.m. The diversity of the Cathedral’s membership is celebrated yearly. Learn more »

Special Needs

The Lighthouse Program meets the individual needs of children who might need assistance on Sunday mornings to allow them to experience the love of Christ in their own way! Learn more »