Alternative Giving Market 2014


The Alternate Giving Market is an opportunity to support organizations that serve those who, in one way or another, are in deep need. Giving generously to improve lives surely expresses the true meaning of Christmas. A donation can be a meaningful part of your year-end giving in several ways: it might replace traditional commercial gifts to family or friends; it could complete your year-end giving program; or a donation could fulfill a wish on your own list.

Mission statements for the 17 participating organizations appear inside.

Donations in any amount, large or small, have a profound impact. This Shopping List shows samples of how your donation can make a concrete difference in people’s lives. All of the donations go directly to the organizations you designate. We will accept donations online and by mail.

We invite you to encourage the young people in your life to experience the blessing of giving. We have $1 donation suggestions especially for them. Learning to give at an early age can set a pattern for an entire lifetime.

Please join us and make this special event a part of your preparation for Christmas.

— The Mission Outreach Council of Christ Church Cathedral

Participating Organizations

At-Risk Youth

At-Risk Youth assists working-poor families struggling with unforeseen circumstances including family violence, injuries, illness, death of the principal wage earner, job loss or cutbacks, and crime.

$1 — To help replace a child’s toy destroyed in a fire
$25 — Reconnect fee when electricity is cut off
$50 — Medical copay for an injured breadwinner
$100 — Help with rent to avoid eviction
$700 — One month’s rent following a job loss

The Beacon

The Beacon provides hot meals, showers, laundry service, case management, medical and psychiatric care, and pastoral care to Houston’s homeless population.

$1.25 — A hot meal for a homeless client
$10 — A hot meal, shower, laundry and case management for two homeless clients
$50 — Antibiotics for 12 homeless clients
$200 — An apartment starter kit for a Brigid’s Hope client
$750 — One day of hot meals for 600 homeless clients

Beacon Law

Beacon Law (formerly the Cathedral Justice Project) provides pro-bono legal assistance and advocacy to Houston’s homeless community.

$1 — Help provide legal aid to a homeless client
$10 — Client transportation to and from meetings with counsel
$50 — Assistance for two clients to obtain necessary documents
$200 — Filing fees, recording fees and other court costs for four clients
$1200 — Total case cost for one client

Bering Omega Community Services

Bering Omega Community Services nurtures the well-being and meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of persons affected by HIV/AIDS through compassionate health care and social services.

$1 — Medicine for a sick resident
$25 — Cost of a basic prescription
$50 — One day’s visit to the day treatment center
$100 — Oral health care during a single visit to the dental clinic
$200 — One full day of residential hospice care at Omega House

Brigid’s Place

Brigid’s Place provides education, dialogue and celebrations to foster women’s spiritual and personal transformation.

$1 — Training for young women to use social media
$25 — Sponsor a high-school student at an event
$50 — Sponsor a woman to attend a workshop
$500 — Support our annual Friendship Celebration
$1000 — Underwrite the Mary Magdalene Festival

Casa de Esperanza

Casa de Esperanza provides a safe home and comprehensive services including residential, medical, and psychological care for at-risk children from birth to six years of age, plus support services for their families.

$1 — A new pair of socks for a child without
$25 — Diapers for one child for one week
$150 — A crib for one infant
$200 — A safe car seat for one child
$1000 — Casa de Esperanza’s food bill for one week

Cathedral Missions

Cathedral Missions organizes all mission trips from Christ Church Cathedral to places such as Oklahoma, Boston, Costa Rica, and even Houston.

$1 — Public transportation for a mission participant
$25 — Food for a day
$50 — Lodging for a day
$100 — One-fifth of the cost for air travel
$1375 — A full scholarship for a high-school mission participant

Christmas at the Cathedral

Christmas at the Cathedral

Christmas at the Cathedral provides a special meal with entertainment and gifts for the community of homeless and less fortunate in Houston.

$1 — A pair of socks for one guest
$20 — A meal and gifts for an adult or child
$100 — A meal and gifts for a family of four
$200 — A meal and gifts for ten people
$2000 — A meal and gifts for 100 people


COMPASS “directs” homeless clients toward employment and independence. Case managers provide one-on-one services, information, and referrals to other resources.

$1 — A pair of reading glasses for a client
$25 — Haircuts for eight clients with job interviews
$50 — Metro bus cards for a client with a new job
$150 — Texas ID cards for 15 clients
$300 — Steel-toed work boots for seven clients


Crossroads at Park Place

Crossroads at Park Place provides services to promote the health, hygiene, and dignity of homeless persons in southeast Houston.

$1 — Reading glasses, pens and paper, snacks or bottled water for one client
$10 — Breakfast and lunch, shower, hairdressing and laundry for one client
$75 — Tennis shoes, socks and a backpack for a homeless client
$130 — 50 round-trip bus rides to job interviews or medical appointments
$625 — 500 meals for homeless clients

Emergency Aid Coalition

The Emergency Aid Coalition promotes the self-sufficiency of clients by assisting with basic needs through a food pantry, clothing center, and sack lunch program. EAC also provides a backpack, school supplies, and uniforms to children in Houston.

$1 — Apples for three children
$10 — Clothing for one homeless client
$50 — Groceries for one shut-in
$100 — School supplies, a backpack and uniforms for one child
$300 — Jeans, socks, underwear and hygiene products for 30 people

Kids Hope USA

Kids Hope USA is a national organization that partners churches with at-risk students in public schools. Cathedral mentors work one-on-one with children at the Rusk School.

$1 — Writing materials for a kindergarten student
$35 — School supplies or a uniform for one child
$50 — Headsets for classroom computer and testing work
$125 — Small carpet for classroom reading corner
$2000 — An average teacher’s contribution of school supplies per year

Lord of the Streets

Lord of the Streets ministers to the spiritual, emotional, physical, and social needs of individuals in transition, many of whom are homeless.

$1 — One bus ride
$35 — Texas IDs for five people
$50 — A grocery gift card for a family in crisis
$200 — Sack lunches for 100 individuals
$400 — Hygiene kits for 100 men and women

Magnificat House

Magnificat House

Magnificat House has ministered to Houston’s neediest since 1968 by feeding the hungry, clothing the unclothed, housing the homeless, and reaching out to the mentally ill and imprisoned.

$1 — A meal for a homeless person
$25 — Bedding and fresh clothes at the women’s shelter
$90 — 30 bus passes to get to work and medical appointments
$240 — Christmas dinner for thirty
$480 — 160 socks and hygiene items for residents


NetsforLife empowers communities to eliminate malaria by providing life-saving prevention training and long-lasting insecticide-treated nets in 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

$1 — A share in a net to protect a mother, father and baby
$24 — Two nets to protect a family of six
$48 — Four nets to protect an extended family of 12
$120 — Ten nets, enough to protect a community of 30
$1200 — Enough nets to protect a settlement of 300


Seafarer’s Ministry

The Seafarers’ Ministry at the Port of Houston carries out an ecumenical ministry for international seafarers whose ships transport cargo to and from Houston.

$1 — One pocket New Testament Bible for a seafarer
$15 — Communion supplies for shipboard worship services
$50 — Supplies to make two Christmas gift boxes for seafarers
$100 — Transportation expenses for the Episcopal port chaplain to visit ships
$200 — Underwriting for the Episcopal port chaplain’s salary

Sheltering Arms

Sheltering Arms Senior Services supports the dignity and independence of older adults. Services include home care, a dementia-specific adult day center, telephone reassurance, care management, and caregiver support.

$1 — Personal care items not covered by food stamps
$25 — Food for an older adult facing a crisis
$35 — Fill a prescription for an older adult
$75 — Eight hours of specialized care in the Day Center
$350 — A minor home repair for an older adult