Adult Formation on Sundays

Download the Fall 2014 Education Offerings and Program Guide (PDF)

Classes begin on September 7 unless otherwise noted. Weekday classes are also available.

Dean’s Class

10–11 a.m., Reynolds Hall

Unholy War: The Spiritual Legacy of World War I

(Sept. 7–28) In politics, art, literature, and religion, the First World War marked the end of a hopeful era and the beginning of a world shaped by grim realism. Perhaps most of all, the War reminded us of our need for God.

How Goes the Vision? An Update on our Vision Action Plan

(Oct. 5) Dean Thompson will review progress to-date and preview the exciting developments to come within the six initiatives of the Vision Action Plan developed earlier this year: Pastoral Care, Community Life, Welcome and Evangelism, Outreach, Worship, and the Spirituality Center.

“And He Taught Them in Parables”: Understanding the Stories Jesus Told

(Oct. 12–19 and Nov. 2–9) The class will begin with the premise that Holy Scripture is the chronicle of the dynamic relationship between God and God’s people. We will consider the way that the parables developed as the Christian community passed them down from the time of Jesus onward.

Mary Parmer: Newcomer Ministry Project

(Oct. 26) Inviting, welcoming, and connecting persons in our congregation is vital a for vibrant church. Mary Parmer, director of the Newcomer Ministry Project, will share how we might better engage those new to our community.

Marilyn Brown: Coalition for the Homeless

(Dec. 7) In advance of our annual Christmas at the Cathedral, Marilyn Brown, CEO of Houston’s Coalition for the Homeless, will share some of her own experiences in ministering to the city’s homeless population.

Introductions Class

10–11 a.m., Mellinger Room

This class is designed to offer a broad introduction to the people, places, and traditions that make Christ Church Cathedral a wonderful place to worship. Start the program any week and stay for four classes. You’re guaranteed to meet some new people and come away with a deeper connection to the Cathedral. (Does not meet Nov. 16–30.)

Parenting Class

10–11 a.m., Dean’s Conference Room

Asking Better Questions

(Sept. 7 to Nov. 9) Using Ed Friedman’s famous “Fables” as a jumping-off point, we will explore the classic emotional traps that parents fall into and how we might break free of the gridlock that clogs our family system.

A Guide to Biblical Parenting

(Dec. 14–21) The Bible is filled with stories of God’s faithful people, many of whom were parents. Join Canon Art Callaham as we use the busy holiday season to explore the stories of Biblical parents and their adventures in faith.

Exploring the Connections

10–11 a.m., Jeffers Conference Room

Come explore the Biblical principal of the common good and participate in this interactive class where we share and learn from each other. Facilitators are Bob Baker, Sally Lehr, Patty Turney, and Lucy Wagner.

In Praise and Folly

10–11 a.m., McGehee Conference Room

Led by Curate Eileen O’Brien and facilitated by the 20s & 30s Council, this class will focus on the weekly Epistle readings from the Lectionary, aiming to develop a wider understanding of St. Paul, his context, and his ministry.

Christian Meditation

10–11 a.m., Bride’s Room

Christian Meditation is a class to learn and practice a form of prayer as taught by Jesus. There is a teaching, the experience of meditation, and a closing which includes prayer and scripture. The class is open to all, regardless of experience.

The Anglican Way

6–7:30 p.m., McGehee Conference Room

Designed and taught by Dean Thompson, this evening class is intended for all those who wish to deepen their understanding of the Church, its faith, and its mission. Those new to the congregation and those adults seeking to be confirmed or received are especially encouraged to attend. (Meets Sept. 21 and Oct. 5 to Nov. 9.)