Survey in Wax: Keith J.R. Hollingsworth

Painting of a pitcher and fruit on a table

The Cloister Gallery will exhibit works by artist Keith J.R. Hollingsworth at a show January 17 through February 18. An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, February 1, from 6–8 p.m.

Survey in Wax will consist of selected works of art from several series created by Hollingsworth over a 10-year period of investigating the use of Crayola crayons as a viable medium for artistic expression. The exhibit will feature a variety of subject matter and show a range of styles and effects achieved through the use of this medium. However, the unifying factor of this exhibit is that all of the art works reflect a sense of beauty and inspiration to the viewer, as well as the radiant light inherent in the use of wax-based media.

During his career, Hollingsworth has endeavored to master the craft of art-making in various media, including pencil, chalk, clay, pastel, oil and crayon, by gaining insight into their unique characteristics and potential for use in artistic expression. The artist’s current interest is aimed at using wax-based media, such as beeswax and Crayola crayons to produce luminous surface qualities in his art works. These results are similar to those achieved by the oil glazing techniques of the “Old Masters.” The method of combining color pigments, beeswax, and resin is typically referred to as encaustic — an ancient painting method that creates a natural surface luminosity through refracted light from the layered surfaces of fused pigment in translucent beeswax and resin. In keeping with the novelty of his use of Crayola crayons to produce fine works of art, Hollingsworth has managed to achieve masterful results with his use of a medium that is generally reserved for child’s play.